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Accounting is the language of business, and the better you speak it the more you will be able to understand in the business world and communicate your ideas.
Probably one of the best sites for obtaining accounting information about the academic journals in the field (of which there are many) is:

This site is very useful for a number of reasons: It offers a comprehensive list of accounting journals and articles (titles and abstracts, not the full text). You give the search engine a key word and it identifies the relevant articles in the journals. It also provides "Book of the Week" a useful little review of new books on accounting, accounting news, for example: "FASB Releases New Publication - Understanding the Issues"; a Jobs Database, and Journals. The site includes more than 3,400 articles from 30 odd top accounting relate

At this time, the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA), with more than 330,000 members, is the premier national professional association of CPAs in the United States. Their website is at: The AICPA has listed 62 Accounting Associations from the "Accountants Global Network International," to the "Verhand der Certified Public Accountants in Deutschland e. V." (German CPA Society).

In other words all the associatons that are certified from A to V. This particular list is very useful since each association can be click and found the overall accounting associated lists can be accessed by clicking on: Once on the site the student would have to search for articles on his or her own.

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