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Night Shift
30% to 40% of office equipment is left on at night and on weekends.
Take the Night Off
If you're company's computers are on a network and can't be shut down at night, at least turn off the monitors.
High Rise
Energy use for office equipment is expected to rise by 500% in the next decade. 31% of electricity in the U.S. is used to run office buildings
Be a Star at the Office
And save your company cash. Participate in the EPA's Energy Star program and Green Lights program.
What a Waste
Trash is our biggest product. Packaging consumes 40% of the paper used in Germany and 1/4 of the plastics used in the U.S.
Buy Less
And think before you buy. Since 1/5 of our waste is from packaging, avoid buying overpackaged items, including food.


Cars are Thirsty
A quarter of all oil goes to fuel passenger cars.
Car Pool to Work
If each commuting car carried one more person, we'd save 18 million gallons of gas everyday
27 Tons
For each new car made, we create 27 tons of waste.
Buy Used
If you have to buy a car, consider a used one instead. Also remember to buy the most fuel-efficient car in its class.
Why is this Running?
Do you leave your car running when you're at work? Do you leave the shower on when you're not using it?
Turn It Off
When you're done looking at this site, turn off your computer.


Of the 28 commonly used pesticides, at least 23 are carcinogenic.
Think Organic
Avoid using chemical pesticides on your lawn and around the house. Also buy organic food, Organic Farming Research Foundation.
Chicken Feed
36% of the world's grain supply goes to feeding livestock and poultry.
Eat Less Meat
By eating 2 fewer meat dishes a week, the savings in grain could feed 225 million people every year.
Food Drive
The typical U.S. meal travels 1,250 miles from farm to plate.
Buy Local
Buy fresh, local produce and products as often as possible. Seek out and support local farmer's markets.


Top of the World
The industrialized countries generate 75% of the world's pollutants and waste.
Rethink Purchases
Do I really need this item?How long will it last?Can it be recycled?Could I borrow or rent it?
That Yard of Yours
Uses an amazing amount of resources.
Think Local
Plant native wildflowers, shrubs and grasses. They require less watering and attract birds to your yard.
Lights Burning
The electricity used to keep our lights burning creates 39 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year
Light Switch
Replace your current lightbulbs with compact flourescent lightbulbs (CFLs). One CFL will keep a half-ton of CO2 out of the air over its life.
Are You Average?
Are you an average American? If so, you're throwing away 80% more than folks in 1960 did.
Stop Junk Mail
Write to:Mail Preference Service
P.O. Box 9008Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008
Big Drip
35% of all household water goes to tending yards.
Water in the evening or early morning to avoid excessive evaporation and it's better for your lawn.
Lawn Clipping
A lawn mower can pollute more than a used car. Running one for an hour produces the same emissions as driving a used car 50 miles.
Push It
Use a push mower, or an electric one, for zero emissions.
Average Waste Produced Per Person Every Day
Los Angeles (8.9 lbs.), Chicago (5.1 lbs), New York (4.0 lbs), Tokyo (3.1 lbs), Paris (2.1 lbs), Toronto (2.4 lbs)
Recycle More
Americans currently only recycle about 10% of their waste. Start today.


Cars are Choking Us
Air pollution has led to a 79% increase in the number of children with asthma.
Get a Tune Up
When just 1% of car owners get a tune up, nearly a billion pounds of carbon dioxide are kept out of the atmosphere.
It's Getting Warm
The 450 million vehicles on the road today account for 1/2 of the world's total consumption & generate nearly 1/5 of greenhouse gas emissions.
Just Charge It
You could get one of those cool new electric cars. Zero emission cars, what an idea. Visit

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