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"The most important thing I do is hire bright people."
Bill Gates

Human resource management was, at one time, the poor cousin to all the other business functions like  marketing and finance, etc. 
No longer.
Now managing "human capital" is at center focus of the fastest moving industries in the business world. Because firms are different from each other in many respects--such as size, location, technology, products or services, and corporate culture the job of the HRM executive is a growing challenge made even more demanding by trying to align human assets with business need of the future.

One of the sites (Nottingham Business School) which offers student researchers a great number of resources is:

Consider what MIT economists Lester Thurow believes will be the seven key industries of the next few decades - microelectronics, biotechnology, the new materials industries, civilian aviation, telecommunications, robots plus machine tools and computers plus software. All are brainpower industries.

Society for Human Resources Management

Fortunately, there is a lot of work going on in this important area, and the Society for Human Resources Management at: < >  is one of the leaders.  They publish a number of journals which can be accessed at your library or online.  The cost for student membership is (at this time) approximately $35, which includes the HR Magazine (monthly), HR News and SHRM Online.  The web site does provide some interesting articles and article summaries for free that most students would find very interesting (e.g. HR Magazine : "A Death in the Family") and quite useful for research projects.

International Human Resources: International Association for Human Resource Information Management

From the international area, students should take a look at the: International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) - -.
According to its mission statement, IHRIM is dedicated to being the leading global source of knowledge for the application of Human Resource information and technology to improve organizational effectiveness.  It has two excellent sources of information:  IHRIM.Link  and IHRIM Journal (a quarterly publication which focuses on multinational and regional differences around the world and particularly investigates controversial issues.  Student membership dues are $50 per year.

A second HRM source offering information and portals from the UN and other major industrial countries can be found at:

Other Human Research sources

Take a look at the Far Eastern Economic Review < > which provides many articles for free and Asia Pacific Management Forum  < >  which provides a comprehensive view of the Asian Human Resource Management experience with fulltext articles and an "Article of the Month" for free.
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