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In one sense the term management is all inclusive, for example "Marketing Management," "Financial Management, Human Resource Management," etc. Managers are responsible for managing all of the organizational functions from marketing to finance, to change and innovation, etc.
How do the managers do that?
The classic approach is by Planning, Organizing, Leading, Motivating, Communicating, and Controlling (there may be other words used by different authors, but the concept is the same). Therefore, this section--The Management Section--will list web sites according to these categories. There probably will be considerable overlapping of  these different sites, nevertheless, the articles provided...though not covering the entire field...will be a good place to start your project.

Management First. American Management Association

A good site to start with is: .ManagementFirst will help you become a better manager of yourself, your job (even as a student) and your organization. How? By providing easy to digest key management information. ManagementFirst goes behind the headlines, takes business news and hot topics and explains the management challenges in today's workplace.

Also, go to the American Management Association's web site at: Free three month trial memberships are available online and should provide all the time that's necessary for you to get your research done. If you like the service, subscribe. You will, more than likely, be a "professional manager" for the rest of your life.

Business Week & Forbes

Business Week suffers from the same situation, answering the  journistic pattern of news (who, when, where, what, etc) without too much analytical perspective, nevertheless, it brings reality to your research report.

Forbes is also in this category.

If management of small and medium size companies is the topic then go to which does an excellent job of analyzing company problems and successes from the small business management perspective.

Harvard Business Review

Probably the best overall academic journal on business is the Harvard Business Review at these articles are comprehensive, analytical, contemporary and appropriately focused for industry and corporate study.

A fairly new topic to the management genre is "Change and Innovation." This is an exciting new area since it opens the management door to the discussions of new thinking in the field and blesses it with formal academic recognition. One of the publications that you should take a look at the Change Management web site: A lot of useful information concerning: Books; Benchmarking; Articles; and Training is available online.

Another publication called: The Journal of Product Innovation Management is published by the Product Development & Management Association and available at:   A student subcription is available for $30 per year ($10 more for international). In some articles it could turn out to be a demanding read, but for those who are up with the subject, a good read.

One interesting source for European innovations is called Euroabstracts which is published six times a year by the European Commission at: The Innovation and SMEs program promotes innovation and encourages the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the "Framework Programme."

The Euopean Journal of Innovation Management aims to be a European forum for disseminating vital information and knowledge in the field of innovation. The EJIM ( includes four printed issues per year plus online access to the current and previous volumes via Emerald Fulltext which is a subscription source.

One other source that may prove useful if you can get your library to order it (it is available through institutional subscriptions only) is: the International Journal of Innovation Management (IJIM) at:

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