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Perhaps the premier Operations Management supersite is OMC (Operations Management Center) provided by the Higher Education Division of McGraw-Hill ( ).
This site has a great number of resources for students learning about math skills and business applications. For example, the BSC (Business Statistics Center) provides a variety of services through its University Resources from Q and A's on math: "Dr. Math" and Research Experiences for Undergraduates; to definitions from the Statistical Glossary.

Articles can be found at: OM Publications - which provide links to online publications classified as: "General": e.g. The Manufacturing Report or OR/MS Today; "Inventory Management", "Supply Chain Management", etc. And under OM Resources the student can find full-text Business Week OM articles, Virtual Company Tours and other useful resources. The OMC is a very comprehensive site for OM information and a portal to help lead student researchers to other online assets which should not be overlooked.

Twigg's Operations Management Index

Another site offering comprehensive OM resources is: Twigg's Operations Management Index. TWIGG's Operations Management Index is a popular and respected portal ( for discovering operations managment resources on the Internet. It covers the needs of academic, practitioner and student, providing information on topics such as purchasing, product development, manufacturing strategy, inventory control, logistics, quality and benchmarking operations. Various services are offered including: the TOMI Reading Room, OM Journals, Working Papers - Case Studies, and Research Resources, among others.

Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences

The Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS) is perhaps one of the most comprehensive OM publications sites on the web ( ) which provides free personal copies of journal material. At least ten OM organizations and their publications are offered at the site, for example:
The Manufacturing and Service Operations Managment Society (MSOM):

Another comprehensive source is: The Production and Operations Management Society at:

Other sources: 
Arthur D. Little provides up-to-date articles on OM from the consultants point of view:
Prentice Hall offers Financial Times OM articles on its web site at:

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