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Few goals in life are more meaningful than having the right job. That's why the process is so competitive. Lots of people…thousands and thousands of them…work very hard at getting good jobs, usually without success.

However, the challenge is not working harder, but working smarter. Sometimes, the smallest piece of knowledge can out do hundreds of hours of hard work mailing resumes.

For example, we know one of the last places you should send your resume is the human resource department of a large company or organization. That's where the incoming resumes from around the world are piled like stacks of wood or dumped into anonymous databases.

What should you do? Be creative.
Go to a good web site like ours and look up the Hoovers web site in Chapter Two, then find the name and address of the individual in a corporation you would like to work for and send your resume directly to him or her. Not just any resume, put yours with your photo on the front of a neat T-shirt and the resume on the back. That's the creativity they are looking for ... ask them to join your team.

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