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Business Research Sources, a Reference Navigator
by F. Patrick Butler

This book is a guide to over 100 selected reference works described in 50 chapters. It has been designed and written to help you quickly identify and efficiently use business and economic reference information.

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Business Research Sources is intended primarily as an introduction to secondary reference works for university students. My most important goal is to make this book readable, practical, and interesting to help those dedicated souls who are committed to learning to better understand and positively affect their environment. The text describes selected reference works and databases that can provide information that is essential for sound analytical judgments and business decisions.

Despite the excellent ability and efforts of librarians everywhere, students (and sometimes faculty) are ill-prepared to use library resources. Business schools generally do not require courses in training students in information retrieval, analysis, and application. Since there is now a deluge of data creating an ocean of information, the challenge is a formidable one. (LEXIS-NEXIS for example, offers 6,900 databases and adds 9.5 million documents each week.) Business Research Sources meets this challenge by identifying and reviewing both the classic and contemporary reference works required to serve the analytical needs of young professionals in a rapidly changing business world.

In the past, research has often been a confusing exercise in hunting for esoteric and unique reference books buried on the shelves or in databases, only to find that it was not right for the researcherís needs and a waste of time. Until now there has not been a textbook that simply and directly takes the reader between the covers of over 100 selected reference publications to explore the nature and utility of their service. This book gives you guidance for quick and easy access to particularly useful reference works in business.

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