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Business Research Sources Quiz

:: To test your business research IQ take the Business Research Reference challenge... Or give it to your class

The ten questions offered below could be considered elementary for anyone familiar with business research.
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  1. Please name the largest business database in the world.
  2. The most encyclopedic source of narrative and financial industry analysis in the United States is:
  3. The Wall Street Journal is divided into three sections. Name them
  4. The Harvard Business Review is published: (a) Quarterly; (b) Monthly; or (c) Bimonthly.
  5. One of the most prestigious engineering schools in America publishes perhaps one of the best technical journals that also deals with business.What is the name of the journal ?
  6. The acronym BPI stands for what popular business index?
  7. The Bureau of Economic Analysis, Department of Commerce publishes what monthly journal which contains estimates and analyses of the United States economy?
  8. What journal not published by the U. S. Government dedicates itself to the demographics of America?
  9. The World Economic Outlook is published by what international organization?
  10. What European organization is responsible for keeping the statistical records of the European Union?

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