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Translation Service

Tranlation Services that Break the Language Barriers!
International business means more than just translating a web site or company brochure.
To do business in another country, you must be able to communicate with the audience of that country in a meaningful way. Show that you value their culture.

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How to...

It's not just your grades that depend on how well you write and present a research paper. Eventually, and sooner than you may think, you will be judged on your ability to research, write and express yourself before your boss and corporate peers.
how To:
study and perform well in the class
best use the Library and the Web
write a Research paper

Hot Jobs

Are you looking for job opportunities? Would you like a summer job? Or a USA job?
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Used Books Shop

Need to sell your old stuff? Want to know what's going on campus, what to do?
This is a fast, exciting and convenient way to buy and sell books and other student's stuff. And it is absolutely FREE!

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Class material for students.
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