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HOW TO best use the library and web

Probably some of the nicest, most comfortable places in any city, any where, could be considered the university library...something about those cool, quiet rooms with leather chairs, old book smells and friendly librarians. If you happen to be walking around a library you'll want to know where to look for the books that you're interested in using: the magazines and journals are in the Periodical Room, while the reference books are in the Reference Section. The Library of Congress has created a special numbering system that will help you find the books on the shelves or in the "stacks" as they say, that you are looking for called: the Library of Congress Classification System (

If you have some questions about library resources then you would be best advised to try the Reference Librarian...or try a great web site called: ( ("The best source for facts on the net."). It is a vast collection of online reference materials featuring calculators of all sorts, calendars, white and yellow pages, dictionaries, thesauri, almanacs, maps, books, newpapers, and periodicals. This site has so much reference
information it doesn't do it justice to point out only two or three services, (but we will): "Try Ask Experts:" e.g. ( or "Beginner's Guides:" e.g. "Ask a Librarian", "Webmonkey Guides", etc. or "Essential Reference Tools:" The complete Encyclopedia Britannica is online with some other equally useful sources and they're free: < >

Perhaps one of the best libraries to get started on is the Smithsonian Institution Libraries at: ( This library is, of course a U.S. government organization, which provides among other very useful items, "Project Access" which is a Database Guide offering many sites. For example:

Database Description How to Access Provider
EDGAR U.S. Security and Internet WWW (free) Exchange Database

Having immediate access to the indices and types of databases available through the Smithsonian is a very valuable asset for research. A second library service which provides access to libraries all over the world is provided by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). (
The UNESCO Libraries Portal is an international information gateway for librarians and library users. It provides Library Website, Education and Training, and The European Library (TEL), to name a few of its resources.

The European Library project seeks to create a virtual library providing access to the major national and deposit collections of participating countries. Launched in February 2001 and scheduled to continue for 30 months, it is intended to provide the framework for a pan-European service. Obviously, a lot of international references are in the language of the country, however, in some cases English translations are also available.

American students--and I speak from experience--have a tendency to ignore European and Asian sites for their research. This is a mistake. You should be practicing now to find knowledge sites that will be useful for your research when you reach your new position in the company.

How about a crash course in "using the web?" The biggest step toward learning about the Internet and Web (they are not the same) is learning the the vocabulary...the terms as concepts, and then putting the concepts together. A good site for a Glossary of Internet Terms which defines the Internet and Web from A (ADN) to Z (WWW)...there aren't any interesting "Zs" to try: ( There are a number of glossaries but Mr. Enzer's is a good start.

One other site created by one of your own (a student...still) Per Christensson at: ( is also well done and he sounds like your roommate. Secondly, you have to weave these terms together in order to understand how it all fits overview. For example, what is the relationship between a URL and the Web? Websites and Home Pages?

Browsers and Search Engines? Probably the best way to have a good overview is using the Duskin website again: (

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